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Let me introduce myself, I'm Sarah the energy behind Sirona, an Intuitive Healer, Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and plant mad herbalism enthusiast.


It took my own journey back to health for me to rediscover my true path, one that I had wandered a long way from which eventually caused a huge crash and burn.


Holding space for someone as they take on their own healing journey, guiding them on a path of discovery back to their own authentic self and helping them develop tools to align with their highest potential to create a vibrant, heart centred life is my calling.

Energy work and meditation are both key tools on this journey

I work with clients in person and remotely to offer Reiki and Energy Healing sessions, Tarot & Oracle readings and Meditation practice. I also facilitate meditation groups and online circles, have founded a local Red Tent and run annual retreats for women in the UK, focusing on spiritual wellness and development. Empowering people to stand in their own light is what truly inspires me! 

Your heart knows the way, run in that direction - Rumi

What I offer...


One on One Session

We all need to make time for self care particularly now as we navigate our place in the world and where we go from here. Many people currently feel uncertain and unsure leading to all sorts of physical and emotional issues. Reiki treatments bring balance and harmony to your whole system easing the physical and soothing the emotional. The body is relaxed, the energy realigned, supporting you to take positive steps in your healing.

Meditation groups & coaching

Whether you are just beginning your meditation journey or looking to deepen your practice I can guide and support you. If you are new to meditation the four week journey into meditation is for you, covering several styles of meditation and the techniques that will make meditation an important part of your day. For those already practicing, I offer one to one coaching, group classes in person and online and free monthly loving kindness meditations online.

Tarot & Oracle readings

My written readings are done remotely, this allows me to really focus on the energies and give the reading the time it deserves, I find that using automatic writing brings through much deeper insights. These readings are a great way to check in with yourself and your present position and receive clarity and guidance for your journey. Your reading is emailed to you as a PDF for you to download, print and keep for reference


My first Reiki experience with Sarah and it was great. Sarah put me at ease straight away and explained everything clearly. It was so relaxing and being able to experience the different sensations of energy flow was amazing. Better still, the following morning I woke up and moved without wanting to whimper in pain. I can't wait for my next session. Thank you Sarah x

Karen H

"Reiki with Sarah is something wonderful! On each occasion I have left feeling totally blissed out and relaxed. I feel so much when Sarah is working her magic on me, I live with chronic pain and Sarah works out all of my blocked energy leaving my mind, body & soul feeling revived and ready to take on the world! I highly recommend – always."

Hannah C

I was a Reiki ‘virgin’ so booked with Sarah to see what it was all about. It was a beautiful treatment in a great relaxing space and Sarah was really warm and totally put me at ease and I could tell she really knew her stuff! I felt grounded and chilled for days afterwards. It’s now part of my regular self care routine. Can’t recommend it enough

Penny S


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