How can Reiki help me?

Reiki is Japanese for "Universal life force energy", it is a non invasive complimentary healing system that works with the clients own energy by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, causing a relaxation response and enabling the client to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The relaxation that Reiki provides is highly beneficial in the treatment of




Chronic pain conditions & Fibromyalgia


Reiki helps to release any energetic blockages caused by unprocessed emotion or trauma that has become stuck and is negatively impacting the client either emotionally or physically, clearing and rebalancing the client's systems.

Reiki always works for the highest good of the recipient, bringing in the amount of energy the client needs and dealing with issues that they are ready to deal with, relieving pain, easing tension, relaxing muscles, healing deeply and give you a sense of peace and calm in your thoughts and emotions.


Although Reiki has been practiced for many years it is being used increasingly across the Uk within holistic treatment centres, private practice, hospitals, community healthcare settings and hospices.

Everyone has a slightly different Reiki experience but generally following a treatment you will have a deep sense of wellbeing and calm and feel thoroughly relaxed or you may feel invigorated and energised and leave with an extra spring in you step. Whatever your experience, the feeling that Reiki instils lasts long after the treatment has ended and works subtly on your whole wellbeing at a deep level.

Reiki Treatment

Treatments, what happens?

Receiving a Reiki treatment is simple, you lie fully clothed on the treatment couch or sit in a chair and take a few relaxing deep breaths. The practitioner gently places their hands in a series of positions on or near the body allowing the reiki energy to flow into the recipient, some specific areas are always treated hands off. The treatment always starts with the clients head before moving doen the body. During the treatment your body absorbs reiki energy which balances and harmonises the body's energy. As Reiki flows it generally has the effect of relaxing, calming and giving peace, so it is really effective for stress and muscle tension.


There is no right way to experience Reiki, some experience no sensation during the treatment, others feel heat or tingling. Reiki is effective whether or not you experience any sensations during the treatment. It will always heal at a level that the recipient is comfortable with and being in a fully relaxed state and "going with the flow" is the most beneficial way to receive Reiki.


Reiki treatments are carried out in a tranquil treatment room and last for approximately 45-50 minutes with time allowed before and after for consultation, so please allow yourself just over an hour. On your first visit I will need to collect some details and a short general health questionaire will need to be completed, all information supplied is treated as confidential and without this I cannot proceed with the treatment safely.

You will then be settled on the couch and helped to relax ready to receive your chosen treatment.