My role is to help you align with your highest self and connect to the wisdom that you hold within to become your whole authentic self again.  Do you feel like there is a blockage in a particular area of your life or you want holistic help to heal physical and or emotional symptoms? 

Everything is energy and to live the life that we desire we need to match it's energetic frequency, we need to resonate at the same level. 

Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing Sessions

£40     45 mins

These sessions help to raise your vibration, remove energy blockages and clear any negative energy from your system using a blended system of Reiki, sound and crystal healing leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and at peace. 

Pink Notebook

Find Your Light Guidance Sessions

£65     1hr

These sessions are completely unique to each client, essentially they are space to help you connect more deeply with your authentic self, bring more joy and peace into your life and demystify spirituality and support you as you develop your spiritual side. Available in person or on zoom.

Meditation by the Sea

Healing & Meditation

£50        1hr

A deeply healing channelled Reiki meditation followed by a hands on healing session. These Reiki meditations are used to open up your system to Reiki energy and are extremely efficient at clearing residual negative energy before filling the body's systems with positive life force.


Tarot/Oracle Card Readings


A three card reading on the theme of your choice delivered straight to your inbox.